Champions League

Another Victory against Bucharest

Fata Edina

In the 4th Round of the Group Matches of the Champions League, ETO hosted Bucharest at home. The team was not in an easy situation because they had to play against a really strong opponent without one of the top players, Heidi Löke, who is soon going to be a mother. The match was tight in the first part, the opponent could finish the first half with a two-goal advantage. In the second half ETO did their best and won 33-25 with a good goalkeeper and court player performance.

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The first goal is scored by Görbicz in the first half which was followed by the first Romanian one by Lobach in the beginning of the 5th minute. Then another Romanian goal comes from Mehmedovic. Mörk tries to reply but misses it, Broch get the ball and fights a 7-meter out but Görbicz fails to score so the result remains unchanged in the 7th minute. Bucharest has a 7-meter throw which Kiss saves beautifully. Mehmedovic scores another one from the side, then Korsós gets a 2-minute suspension. Amorim starts scoring goals but Gulldén replies and the 2-goal disadvantage for ETO remains in the 11th minute. Ayglon gets suspended which Mörk takes advantage of and scores a goal, Niombla replies with another goal and Manea gets suspended so the opponent has 2 players missing. Görbicz scores the 7-meter throw which she doesn’t fail this time. Then Gulldén scores her 2nd goal to Kissin the 15th minute for which Görbicz replies finishing the attack. After Brandeanu scores the next opponent goal Ambros Martin requests a timeout in the middle of the 19th minute when the result was 5-7. Mörk and Broch duo can reduce the difference to one goal then Amorim equalizes in the 20th minute then in the 21st minute Mörk takes the lead resulting a timeout request from Bucharest. Niomle equalizes for which Mörk replies then Niomle continues scoring then Romania takes the lead thanks to Martin. Orbán gets her first ball in the net from the right side, the result is 10-10 in the 26th minute. Then Lobach and Amorim score too so the draw stays in the 26th minute. Groot gets suspended 40 seconds before the end and the Romanians get a 7-meter throw scored by Niombla then Martin scores another and the first half ends with a 2-goal advantage for the opponent.

Mörk and Lobach start the second half, then the Romanians are successful again, but Mörk reacts quickly in the 3rd minute. Torstesson increases the difference, but Mörk scores again which is her 6th goal. Amorim further reduces the difference to one goal then Tóth Gabi equalizes in the 7th minute. Niombla scores another one for which Bódi replies then Groot fights 7-meter throw out which Mörk scores and takes the lead in the 9th minute. Mörk continues scoring and our advantage grows to 2 goals. Romanians request a timeout which is followed by a goal from Mehmedovic, but Broch replies and ETO is still leading. Kiss saves a 7-meterthen Niombla scores and reduces the difference. Tóth gets suspended and Mehmedovic scores another goal so the opponent equalizes. Groot takes the lead again in the next attack then Kiss saves another one and Broch scores for which the Romanians reply so the 2-goal difference remains. Groot scores again from an immediate attack then Mehmedovic replies. Kiss continues to save beautifully, then Mörk is successful again as well as Mehmedovic from the other side. Bódi scores the next one which makes the Romanian request a timeout. Kiss does a great job in the net, Tóth Gabi scores her second goal in the 23 minute followed by Mörk’s goal in the 23rd minute. Kiss Éva saves Groot scores, the result is 29-23. Tóth gets suspended but Kiss still saves fantastically. Broch scores the 30th goal of ETO in the 28th minute when the 5200 spectators stand up and applauds to ETO. The Tóth continues to score but Bucharest manages to reduce the difference for which Orbán replies. Bradeanu scores another one then Mörk scores too and the result is 33-25.

Ambros Martín: The key to success is the team as always. There is a player at every match who pushes the whole team. It was really hard to play without Heidi but we are very happy about what a beautiful thing is happening to her. However, this was a great test to the team to show how we can play without one of our best players. Our next task is to analyze the causes of our unbalanced performance. We are looking forward to the next match.

Vestergaard Jacob: The second half was a disaster to us, however, I am content with the first one. It was a big disappointment what I saw in the second part, our defense was weak which was mostly because of Mörk’s great attacks and Éva’s genius saves in the net. We started making silly mistakes and that’s why I am disappointed. Congrats to ETO. It is not easy to lose a key match, but we were not good enough this time. We have to get back to work, there are really hard matches ahead us.

Nora Mörk: I played much better than last time. I wanted to prove myself and Ambros that I have things to do here. There are no words for Évi’s performance. We are at a good level and enjoy the match, the fans were fantastic here in Győr.

Ayglon Saurina: The first half was great at both matches, then I don’t know why, we had a blackout. Nora and Kiss Évi made it difficult to us. We played with a lot of mistakes and we gave a lot of chances for counter attacks which they took advantage of.


Győri Audi ETO KC
CSM Bucuresti
Audi Aréna Győr

Győri Audi ETO KC

8 Hudák Emma
9 Hársfalvi Júlia
10 Nora Mörk
11 Korsós Dorina
13 Görbicz Anita
14 Pál Tamara
18 Eduarda Amorim
22 Orbán Adrienn
27 Nycke Groot
31 Yvette Broch
33 Bódi Bernadett
57 Puhalák Szidónia
73 Kiss Éva
85 Kari Aalvik Grimsbö
96 Tóth Gabriella
87 Grubisic Jelena

CSM Bucuresti

4 Gulldén Isabelle
5 Curea Iulia Vasilica
7 Dache Elena
11 Ayglon Saurina Camille
12 Iordache Alina
13 Varzaru Cristina Georgiana
14 Bazaliu Bianca
15 Bradeanu Aurelia
17 Torstensson Linnea
20 Martin Berenguer Carmen Dolores
22 Manea Oana Andreea
29 Niombla Gnonsiane
30 Ungureanu Paula Claudia
71 Lobach Anastasiya
77 Mehmedovic Majda
87 Grubisic Jelena
Ambros Martín
Helle Thomsen
kiallitas | 6 perc
kiallitas | 8 perc
hetmeteres | 3/2
hetmeteres | 5/2