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BigETO-SmallETO Training Match

Fata Edina

ETO will play its first training match with its partner team, Mosonmagyaróvár, on 19 August 17:00 in the Audi Arena. We asked the trainers of the two teams before the match.

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Mosonmagyaróvár started to train 5 weeks ago and they are through more training matches. “The match with ETO is another part of our training period. This will be our 5th match, said Varga József, coach. We play so many training matches because the most important for us is to improve. Every match counts a lot, and it is the same against ETO even if it is missing some of its players because of the Olympics. I hope we can play a match that we can learn from again. I also hope that we will be a little bit more energized on Friday, than at our last match. This team is in a period with a level of pressure that it can work. The 6th or 7th week of the training period is usually the weakest, we are in this phase now. Our goal is not to be fresh, but to practice some attacking tactics and defense formations.”

According to Danyi Gábor, ETO coach, the most important for ETO is to start practice. “Those who are here, the Hungarian players and the most talented juniors, are preparing for a match which is suitable for our training period. Of course we couldn’t practice much so far, but the result is not that important, but to play and start to practice. The base has been the same for years, everybody will try to do their best. ETO is here today.”

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