Győr Backed by Érd

Tamás Szabó

After Nora Mörk was injured, a new left back was needed to be contracted. The solution is Mireya Gonzalez Alvarez, player of ÉRD, who comes to substitute our injured player. 

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Due to Nora Mörk’s injury the team had to be really quick to find a new left back. No player could be contracted from teams participating in the Champions League and because of an EHF regulation, no players could be cantracted who played at an important match in her team after January 31, 2018.

Fortunately, our club’s first choice met both criteria so the negotiations have started with ÉRD about Mireya Gonzalez Alvarez.
“I would like to thank the managing board of ÉRD, mainly Tekauer Norbert, president and Szabó Erika head coach, that they handled this issue positively which is very important from the perspective of Hungarian women’s handball. Today we could negotiate and agree with ÉRD about Mireya Gonzalez Alvarez being lent to us for the rest of the season. The player will join our team today. Unfortuately, we can rely on her from the next round in the CL, but in the National Championship, she can play against Debrencen at the next match.” - said dr Bartha Csaba, president.

ÉRD president, Tauker Norbert admitted that they had to make a tough decision: “ It was a tough decision for us, which had to be made quickly, because the situation requried this. We hope that it will help Győr achieve their goal this year and get into the Final4 and win the trophy.”

“It’s an honour that my name was considered by Győr and I wish Nora Mörk a soon recovery. It’s a big opportunity for me and I will do everything to help the team achieve their goal this year.” - said Mireya Gonzalez Alvarez.

Alvarez is a 26-year-old Spanish citizen and has been part of team Érd since season 2015/16 in the Hungarian League. Earlier she played in Mios-Biganos and Alcobendas.

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