Hungarian League

Travelling to Siófok on Wednesday

Nagy Kata

ETO is going to travel to the Balaton to encounter Siófok, presently ranked foruth, in the 16th round of the K&H Women's Handball Leage.

The match is going to start at 18:00 January 31.

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The next match is going to be held in Siófok which is expected to be an exciting one between two top teams of the league.

"Those who don't take them seriously can be very surprised, fortunately our player's attitude is diferent. They are also srtuggling with injuries, but I think that those who are on the field have to perform the best" - said Danyi Gábor assistant coach. The wingers of ETO, Jana Kendlikova and Puhalák Szidónia expect a ahrd match where "they have to work for the victory".

Siófok KTC KFT – Győri Audi ETO KC match is going to be held at 18:00 on January 31 in the Sports Hall of Beszédes József Primary School. Referees: Hargitai Gábor and Markó Gábor.

Written comentary on MKSZ, moreover, the match can be watched online.

Hajrá ETO! Hajrá Győr!

Teaser video here: