Hungarian League

6-Goal Victory in Siófok

Nagy Kata

The next round of the K&H Women’s Handball League was held in Siófok. The first half of the match began difficultly, bet in the end, ETO could maintain their lead. Kiss helped the defense wall with her brilliant saves in the second half as well, and finally the away team could celebrate their 6-goal victory.
Final result:21-27


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1st half
ETO started with the combination of Görbicz, Tomori, Groot, Broch, Mörk, Kendlikova and Kiss as the goalie. The first goal of the match was scored by Broch then the ding-dong game started. The opponent replied which was followed by Görbicz’s goal and then 4 more from Tomori, Groot and Kendlikova. (3-6). The home team equalized in the 12th minute. As a reply, Mörk blasted the ball in the net followed by 2 more and one by Tomori, in the meantime the opponent could score only one and when Bódi and Broch increased the lead to 6 (7-13), Siófok requested a time out. One goal was scored by Siófok and 2 by ETO so by the end of the match, the difference grew to 7.
Half time result: 8-15


2nd half
In the second half, Bódi scored the first then she was suspended for 2 minutes in defense. The 7-meter throw was scored by Nze Minko from the opponent team, then they got another penalty throw which Kiss saved brilliantly. Groot started to attack and scored increasing the difference to 8. (9-17). The opponent was working hard to catch with ETO but it was no use in when Puhalák got suspended. Lars Rasmussen requested a time out again, which was followed by Tomori’s goal and the difference increased to 9 for the first time during the match. Goals were scored by both teams and the final result was 21-27.
Final result: 21-27.

Lars Rasmussen: “I’m proud of the girls because of their performance today. It is never good to lose, but after the hardships of the past period we could play well against one of the best teams of the world”

Ambros Martin: “After the defeat in Bucharest, it was important to take the 2 points. Both teams had problems, but it didn’t affect the game. I’m satisfied with what I’ve seen.”

Katarina Jezic: We put our hearts in the game today and it is more important than anything sometimes. We have hardships but we must keep going.”

Nora Mörk: “It was an important victory. We are still incomplete, I’m proud of the team because we were able to collect the 2 points”


Siófok KTC KFT
Győri Audi ETO KC

Siófok KTC KFT

5 Geiger Melinda
6 Asma Elghaoui
7 Bozsok Dóra
8 Simone Böhme
13 Camille Aoustin
16 Denisa Dedu
17 Katarina Jezic
20 Takács Eszter
21 Mazák-Németh Csilla
23 Such Nelli
24 Erdősi Ildikó
27 Estelle Nze Minko
34 Ferenczy Fruzsina
47 Sárosi Nanetta
55 Gercsó Nóra

Győri Audi ETO KC

3 Jana Knedlikova
4 Afentaler Sára
10 Nora Mörk
13 Görbicz Anita
14 Pál Tamara
15 Oftedal Stine Bredal
23 Tomori Zsuzsanna
27 Groot Cornelia
31 Broch Yvette
32 Fodor Csenge
33 Bódi Bernadett
57 Puhalák Szidónia
73 Kiss Éva
85 Grimsbö Kari Aalvik
6 Varga Emőke
Lars Rasmussen
Ambros Martín
kiallitas | 4 perc
kiallitas | 12 perc
hetmeteres | 5/3
hetmeteres | 2/1