Kindergarten students could also visit the home of ETO during the Kindergarten Olympics organized by the city. They took part in playful exercises based on important handball skills.
On the first day of the Two-goal Throwing Game organized by ETO for school children, as many as 14 teams of seven-year olds could try themselves.
The little older ones could play and learn this team sport in the basic level championship.
We had our age-9 team participate in the national championship for School Children. At the weekend round 5 of the ETO championship was also organized.
This means that hundreds of kids could experience the joys of handball and were fighting to win.

In the upper regions of the youth program there were no matches, except for one encounter. Our NBI/B adult and junior teams travelled to NEKA for a derby on Sunday. The adult team couldn’t win over their opponent, the juniors, however, could take the two points with great determination.

Two-goal Throwing Game
Final results:
1.SK Talent B
4. Kölyökkézi
5. Kölcsey
6. SK Talent A
7. HétFő KC
8, Gárdonyi
9 Dunaszeg
10. Töltéstava
11. SK Talent D
12. SK Talent C
13. Győrszentiván
14. Győrság

ETO Championship round 5
results here.
Championship for School Children
November 15, 2015 Sunday
Győr, Bercsényi Secondary School
Győri ETO KC- Kilián DSE Pápa: 15 - 17
Győri ETO KC- ETO FKC Gönyű: 26 - 6

NBI/B women adult, round 9
15/11/2015 3 p.m.
Urányi János Sportcsarnok, Balatonboglár
NEKA – Győri Audi ETO KC II: 32 – 22 (16 – 12)
Referees: Sándor György, Szabó Balázs

NBI/B women junior, round 9
15/11/2015 , 5 p.m.
Urányi János Sportcsarnok, Balatonboglár
NEKA – Győri Audi ETO KC II: 31 – 36 (13 – 16)
Referees:Altmár Kristóf, Horváth Márton