Kun Attila, the coach of the girls summed up the encounters against Fehérvár:

“In the youth match, we had to change our less effective closed defense to a more open variation, which gave us the advantage in the first half. I’m happy that I could get everybody to play, the youngest ones also completed their job well. It was good to see how much we improved during the year compared to the Fehérvár match in the autumn.”

"The 21 scored goals in the first and 22 in the second says everything about the pace of our attacks. At this pace, the number of technical mistakes and turnovers is higher, but we are on the right way. The only thing I’m a little dissatisfied with is lack of tackles, but we are working on improving this. I have to compliment the girls because they could win so confidently at this age compared to their age group."

NBI women youth, Round 12
03/01/2016. 14:00
Audi Aréna Győr
Győri Audi ETO KC – Fehérvár KC: 34 – 24 (18 – 13)
Referees:Lábadi János, Szakatics Alajos

NBI women junior, Round 12
03/01/2016. 16:00
Audi Aréna Győr
Győri Audi ETO KC – Fehérvár KC: 43 – 30 (21 – 14)
Referees: Lábadi János, Szakatics Alajos