Kari didn’t play today due to her head injuries she suffered in Békéscsaba and Misi is also relaxing because of her calf injury to be able to play at the next Champions League match next week. In the first 30 minutes ETO dominated the game. Our defense was effective; the open style kept the strong backs of Dunaújváros away and could hardly find the way to the goal. Évi contributed to the success with several saves. We used a wide range of tactics in attacks; there were goals from back shots, scored by pivots and from the sides moreover from immediate attacks. Nycke was stunning today too, she bravely shot and hit the wall and gave beautiful passes, she scored most of the goals (4) in the first half. Jana and Duda scored 3 goals but Heidi, Ida, Linn, Orbisz and Yvette could also score. The result was 18-10 at half time.

In the second half, we continued where we finished in the first part, after 5 minutes our advantage grew to 10 goals. Because of this Ambros refreshed the team with Lakatos Rita, Hársfalvi Júlia and Wéninger Alexa. The “young” took the opportunity; Hársfalvi scored 3 goals, Lakatos scored 1, Alexa could her ground as a goalkeeper. Ida Alstad’s and Heidi Löke’s interplay was outstanding making the fans satisfied. Finally, Nycke scored 6, Ida and Heidi 5 and Duda 4 goals. That was a great match GIRLS!

Ambros Martin’s comment:”We played an important match, it was not a zero-sum game becazse of the KO system and the opponent is a strong team too. Our performance was good and I’m happy that our “young” could take part because they can experience a lot these times.”

We asked Ida Alstad about the interplay with Heidi: “Nobody understood what we discussed, so we could agree on what we would do. Fortunately, almost all of our plans worked, it felt great!”