The event is going to be organized by the Audi ETO first time this year. The club joined to raise the standard and because of its more decades of experience of making youth programs. The previous organizers, the city of Győr and the Arany János School take part in the organization as partners.

5 nations have entered the cup: Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania and Hungary. Out of the 90 teams, 75 is from Hungary and almost half of them are representing ETO. There will be 400 matches played in 5 days. The center will be the Audi Arena Győr where they can play on two courts and one more in the Magvassy Sports Hall. The third court of the arena will be reserved for warm ups. Additional locations: Bercsényi School, Kovács Margit School and Krúdy School. The finals will be held on 23 March in the Audi Arena between 10:00-18:00.

Not local teams will be accommodated in classrooms or in the hostels of the city.
On March 20, at the opening, Cserpes Laura will sing along with the Bro’n’Sis dance group, moreover, the Hungarian women youth handball team will play an introductory match. This will make a special opportunity for those who want to meet the ETO Women Adult handball team and the ETO-SZESE Men Adult team. Participants can visit the zoo in the neighbourhood of the arena at reduced price.

From the next season the organizers want to organize the cup in autumn because of the spring youth tournaments, which they expect more willingness to participate. The next occasion is planned to be held between October 23 and October 27.