Our Dutch pivot, Yvette Broch, is in great form. She contributed to the success of the team at the match against Érd with 6 goals. We interviewed here before the next obstacle that is waiting for the team at the weekend. “ We have arrived at the most exciting period of the season that we have waited so much for a long time. The mood is excellent and it is a great feeling to be and play here. I believe that we have a big chance to protect our first place in the Hungarian Cup.
I, personally, want to win everything with the team that we can. I always want to win, but fortunately my team mates think the same. Being the first possible title to be won this year makes it more special. We are waiting for the weekend so much. It’s sure that it won’t be easy since all teams are playing for victory, and we have to encounter Fradi in the semi-final which makes it even more difficult. Let’s not consider the previous matches I’m sure it will be hard, but our goal is to perform the same way as we did in the past weeks. We expect them to prepare hard to beat us, they are boosted by the revenge so they also have extra motivation. I think we are ready for what’s coming; we have worked hard to get this far in this period of the season. Now that we are finally here, we will beat everybody in our way.”

“I feel that the team is in a great from, of course there are some smaller mistakes that occur in the game, but we are working and training to improve by the time the FINAL4 starts. We have to play 2 really difficult matches in 2 days. As I remember we have never encountered Fradi in the semi-final, but we would surly encounter them later so the goal is to protect our title at the cup and I expect the team to win this weekend.

Tippmix Török Bódog Women Handball Hungarian Cup FINAL4
April 30 -May 1, 2016.
Szigetszentmiklósi Városi Sportcsarnok
(2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Szebeni utca 81.)
Semi-finals, April 30. Saturday
12:15 Győri Audi ETO KC - FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria
14:30 Fehérvár KC - Érd