Ambros Martin:”The most difficult was to prepare the team for the match against Érd, now we are at the mental level where we were before the FINAL4. However it is somehow natural, because let’s just think over what the result was, my players were of course disappointed. We have talked a lot about that the past is unchangeable and we have to look to the future to continue the fight for winning the championship that we have been working for since the beginning of the season. I think by now everybody has got over this, and winning this championship is the best way to show that we are a good team.”

Görbicz Anita:
How does it feel to play against Ferencváros so often?
It’s not a question, we can bear. Of course we prepare for every match as if we met for the first time. By the way, it’s good to play such matches, we like hard matches and these last two will be like this.
Are you over the disappointment related to the Champions League?
It was hard but yes, we are. It showed on our work at trainings, everybody was thinking about the lost final, but now our heads are clear and we concentrate on the match ahead. Now, we don’t care about losing the final. We have to concentrate on that there will be two good teams playing and these two matches will be crucial and I hope we will be the better ones.

In the Champions League there was a big goal difference between the teams, in the Hungarian Cup only one, is it getting harder?
Every match is different. It doesn’t mean anything that we defeated them in the Champions League. We know that they also prepare for the matches and they are well prepared about us. They have more time for the Cup matches, our things however didn’t go as they supposed to.

Is it possible to show something unexpected?
I don’t think that these two teams can show something unexpected, as we have played several times in this season. We must play hard at home and I hope we can win with a big goal difference.

K&H Women’s Handball League Final Round 1

19/05/2016 Thursday, 16:40
Audi Aréna Győr
Győri Audi ETO KC – FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria
live: M4

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