Similarly to the previous years, ETO will encounter Fradi in the final of the Hungarian Championship. This will be the last match in the championship as well as in the season for both teams. Unlike the previous season, there is no final lasting for double victory, but this year a match and a return match determines the champion between the two best teams in the play-off.
We can say that this match will determine the champion in this season based on the present rules and the ranks of the two teams on the standing table. In case ETO gets 1 or 2 points, they will be ranked 1st on the table as well as be the champion. However, in case Fradi wins, the two teams will have equal points and according to the rules, the goal differences will matter between the teams. Since ETO won last week they have this advantage.
Last year could take the title from Ambros Martin’s team interrupting a period of 7 years. So Amorim and the others will arrive at Népliget with a 4-goal difference where they can expect a really hard match, Fradi will do everything to win at home.

The return match of the final of the Hungarian Championship will be broadcast live on M4. Cross our fingers front of our TV sets so that they can be the champions for the 12th time.

Following the final of the championship the team will invite their fans for a closing meeting of the 2015/16 season to the main entrance of the Audi Aréna. The team is expected to arrive at 22:00. The girls would be happy to see everyone who is interested to close this season.

K&H Women's Handball League Final Round 2
24/05/2016 Tuesday, 18:00
Népliget, Elek Gyula Aréna
FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria - Győri Audi ETO KC