Győr started the match better. Amorim started with two goals, the defense worked also well led by Görbicz since we had to wait for the Fradi goal for 5 minutes and ETO could keep them under 10 goals. However, in the attacks there were some technical mistakes due to concentration distraction. ETO was leading until the 28th minute, the home team could equalize only in the last minute.

In the second half, ETO was a little bit disorganized for some minutes, and Fradi could take the lead. Then thanks to the improved attacks goal production began and they could keep increasing their advantage. Amorim was really successful; she could score 6 goals, Groot 5, Görbicz and Kendlikova 4-4, Alstadt 3, Sulland and Broch 2. At the end they won with a 6 –goal difference. The champions of the season 2015/16 is the Audi ETO KC.

Elek Gábor (FTC): “Győr has obviously better players. We really wanted to win, but we couldn’t this time. Our attacks didn’t work thanks to the bad situation awareness and little volunteering.”

Ambros Martin: (ETO):”We started as a new team in the autumn, we needed much time to get organized but we obviously succeeded. During the season the team performed well and we could keep this good form until the end, which was necessary for the victory. It is also not a small achievement to beat Fradi 6 times in a row, since they are always really hard opponents, but the team did excellent job. The key was the ambition and the attitude.”

Nycke Groot: “It feels so good to win a Championship final like this, we dominated the whole match through. At the two matches of the final the key was the defense but this was the strength of the team during the whole season. However, starts and counter attacks worked well today too. I’m very happy about my first Hungarian Champion title.”

Görbicz Anita: “We had a lot of problems, it was hard for me and for the team too, so this golden medal is much brighter. After a defeat at the Champions League we had very little time to stand up and we also knew that Fradi was a hard opponent. The 4-goal victory at home was good not get show-off. I wanted to play as a center back more. I won’t give up and will prove that I am a better player at that post.”

Kovacsics Anikó: “I realized the team change just now, I had been telling myself that there would be one more match. I am happy that I can close this period like this. I only have fantastic experiences and I am happy to continue my career. Earlier I never thought of changing teams but I don’t regret my decision I look to the future positively.”