The dog-fights started in two groups of four in the national final. Róth Kálmán’s team played their first match of the 3-day long tournament against Hajdúnánás where they were a little bit disorganized but then they could get over the obstacle easily. Then by winning over Fehérvár and their big rival, Fradi, the girls advanced as group winners. In the cross-play, Gödöllő was easy to defeat, ETO won with almost a 30-goal difference. In the final, they had to play against Ferencváros again. In the second chapter of their fight our girls didn’t give up and could take the lead against the Fradi. They could lead by 9 goals but finally they won with a 6 goal difference.

Roth Kálmán is satisfied with the performance of his team. “Maybe I haven’t had a team that could perform 100% during the whole season. We won every single match this year, so obviously this is a special age group. We were outstanding in the national final too. We could win with a 6-goal difference at our tightest match. I am very proud of my team.”

The professionals chose Farkas Johanna from ETO to be the best player of the final and the whole tournament.

Nationa Final U13
Mezőtúr, Városi Sportcsarnok
May 27-29., 2016
Group matches
Győri ETO KC – Hajdúnánás: 28 – 19
Fehérvári KC I. – Győri ETO KC: 17 – 35
FTC I. – Győri ETO KC: 16 – 22
Győri ETO KC – Gödöllői SE: 41 – 12
Győri ETO KC – FTC I.: 27 – 21
Congratulations to the team and Róth Kámán!