The team of players aged 16-20 played 26 matches in NBI/B out of which they won 16, had 1 draw and lost 9. The best player was Lakatos Rita, who could score 142 goals at 21 matches. This performance made her be ranked 9th on the scoring list. Is this individual and team performance considered to be good?- we asked Pigniczki Krisztina.

 “I was really curious about this season since returning from France I didn’t know neither the teams nor the girls. Due to the age group it was obvious that we had to work a lot and the girls needed to get to know each other and put the work in that we had planned. Now, at the end of the season I think we can be satisfied since we learned a lot playing in the adult championship. The players improved by all means, we concentrated on the defense so much and the conformity between the goalie and the defender as well as the quick situation awareness. They improved a lot at working as a team and we could see improvements individually too.Unfortunately, we couldn’t avoid injuries, there were more and less serious ones. Despite this we could close this season successfully. The whole team deserves the praise because their attitude in this competition resulted in a well functioning team. We had successful phases for example the spring since the work was visible. Obviously, ranking was not the most important for this team but to improve as much as they could being part of the youth program, We were ranked 5th in the championship where the first three team had targeted to advance to NBI. NEKA and Dunaújváros were ranked higher than us who also sent their youths”