The 4th ETO open handball camp is between July 11 and 15. “ The camp has two goals – said the head organizer, Róth Kálmán.
Firstly, the camp makes it possible to have an insight of the youth program of ETO having the biggest base of youth players, the kids can experience the professional work and take part in a one-week course.
Secondly, the club obviously wants to find new talents. The best youngsters can get the chance to join the ETO Academy. “
The free handball camp has been organized for girls born between 2002 and 2003. Many were interested in the opportunity. More than 200 girls applied for the camp from all over the country and beyond our borders, and the professional staff decided about the 70 girls who could join. The girls were divided into 3 groups so the professional work could start with ideal numbers. The girls take part in 1 or 2 trainings everyday where they have to show who they are. Besides handball there are many other optional programs that make the camp more interesting.