Orbán Adrienn was looking forward to meeting the new captain, however she was worried about her endurance “It will be strange that we hardly prepared compared to the others, as many teams have had preparation period for more weeks. It might be visible. It’s true that we got individual training program, which was hard, but there was no handball in it. However I’m looking forward to work together with the others.”

Hársfalvi Júlia was chosen as a junior after she had got recovered from her elbow injury. “ I am very happy that I’ve been invited to take part in the national team, it is a great honor for me. I would like to do my best but I have to pay attention to my elbow not to get injured again. I’ve tried it many times nowadays, and there was no problem, so I hope there won’t be a problem either. I’m going to try to do my best. I’m preparing mentally as well, because this is the first time for me and I’m looking forward to it.”

The nationa team:

Goalkeepers: BÍRÓ Blanka (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), JANURIK Kinga (Érd), KISS Éva (Győri Audi ETO), OGUNTOYE Viktória (Dunaújvárosi KKA)
Right wingers: FALUVÉGI Dorottya (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), LUKÁCS Viktória (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), ORBÁN Adrienn (Győri Audi ETO)
Backs : HORNYÁK Dóra (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria) KLIVINYI Kinga (Érd), KOVÁCS Anna (Dunaújvárosi KKA), SZEKERES Klára (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), TRISCSUK Krisztina (Siófok KC), ZÁCSIK Szandra (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria)
Centers: GÖRBICZ Anita (Győri Audi ETO), KOVACSICS Anikó (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), SZUCSÁNSZKI Zita (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), TÓTH Gabriella (Győri Audi ETO)
Pivots: KISFALUDY Anett (Érd), MAYER Szabina (Alba Fehérvár), MÉSZÁROS Rea (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria)
Left wingers: ERDŐSI Ildikó (Siófok KC), HÁRSFALVI Júlia (Győri Audi ETO), SCHATZL Nadine (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria)

Coach of the national team: Kim RASMUSSEN
Coach: SITI Bea
Goalkeeper Coach: BAKOS István
Doctor: Dr. SZIKORA Gyula
Physical therapist: SZIKRA-MEZEY Csaba
Masseur: TÍMÁR Csaba
Technical leader: LANGAUF István