First the Dutch national team encountered the French to get into the final in women’s handball at the Olympics. In the beginning of the match, the French team took the lead and could keep it until the end of the match. Groot and her team worked really hard, sweating blood to get close to the opponent but they couldn’t equalize. At the end, the France won by one goal and could advance to the final.

The Norwegians encountered the Russian team in the semi final. They reached a draw by the end of the normal playing time, so the 2 times 5-minute extra time gave the opportunity to the Russians to win by one goal.
The Norway and Dutch team with ETO players in both of them will have to fight for the bronze medal of the Olympics so we can welcome some medal-takers for sure in Győr.

Olympic Games in Rio 2016
Women’s Handball Semi-finals
the Netherlands – France: 23 – 24
Norway – Russia: 37 - 38
Bronze match
the Netherlands – Norway: 20/08/2016 16:30
France – Russia: 20/08/2016 20:30