Kántor Kata, coach: “Our first training tournament went really well. There were 7 teams in our age group, everybody played against everybody. We played 4 matches on Friday and 2 matches on Saturday. It was the first time the 12 girls played together, despite this we could work as a real team. Every member got the opportunity to play so the success is for everybody. We finished second with 5 victories and a tight defeat from the winner of the tournament, moreover, the best goalkeeper award went to Németh Henriett from our team."

Buzási József Youth Handball Tournament
U11 age group
Győri ETO KC - Dorog 19:8
Győri ETO KC - Tatabánya II. 17:19
Győri ETO KC - Tatabánya I. 21:19
Győri ETO KC - Esztergom 33:8
Győri ETO KC - Dunaújváros 15:9
Győri ETO KC - Érd 18:16

Final results of the tournament:
1. Tatabánya II.
2. Győri ETO KC
3. Tatabánya I.
4. Dunaújváros
5. Dorog
6. Érd
7. Esztergom

Members of the team: Zuber Hanna, Nyerges Anna, Granát Dorka, Raczenböck Blanka,Németh Petra, Balogh Vivien, Schmidt Karina,Csernyánszky Dóra, Németh Henriett, Bognár Réka, Rédecsi Polett, Tallós Csillag, coach: Kántor Kata

Congratulations Girls, good job!