ETO played its fourth training match against Fehérvár behind closed doors. It was the home team’s request to play without fans and the media, since they have to step on court in the first round of the EHF Cup in one month against Vistal Gdynia from Poland.

On the day of the match, Korsós Dorina celebrated her 21st birthday. We started the match in a combination of Kiss – Hársfalvi – Amorim – Görbicz – Broch – Mörk and Kendlikova. We had to wait a lot for the first goal, because both teams were nervous, but breaking the ice Yvett Broch scored the first goal, then the opponent equalized. The game was tight none of the teams could take the lead for long. Kiss Éva got a head shot, but fortunately she didn’t suffered serious injuries. The girls played a fast game, goals went back and forth, then Orbán got suspended, the opponent could shoot a penalty throw, but Kiss Éva saved it. We took the goalkeeper from the net, Löke missed a shot but we got a 7-meter throw that was successful. We were leading by 3 goals at the end of the first half.

In the second half Grimbsö substituted Kiss in the net and Puhlák got the chance as a winger. Broch, Löke and Kendlikova scored three fast goals in a row, then the opponent asked for break. Puhlák could also write her name on the scorers’ list, then Görbicz was successful and we were leading by 8 goals. The home team took the goalkeeper, so Kendlikova could score a goal in empty net. We were leading in the whole half, and the opponent could reduce the difference by only some goals but they never got close to equalize. Then Tóth and Mörk were suspended, the opponent could score the penalty but the final result was 38-26, ETO won against Fehérvár.

Ambros Martin is positive about the performance of the team : I feel that our opponents so far are ahead of us in the training period. But this is normal now, we have trained physically so far. Despite this, I’ve seen nice things that we can build on.”
Győri Audi ETO KC: Knedlikova 6, Löke 3, Varga, Hudák, Hársfalvi 1, Mörk 2(1), Korsós 1, Görbicz 6(4), Pál, Amorim 5, Orbán, Groot 7, Broch 2, Puhalák 2, Tóth 3, Grimsbö, Kiss.