The first two goals were scored by Kovács Anna from the home team. Broch scored the first one for ETO, but Szalai replied to this immediately. Mörk comes with another goal in the 3rd minute, then Orbán equalizes in the 4th minute. Molnár scores to Grimsbö from the left but Mörk doesn’t let the opponent take the lead, then Orbán gets the ball in the net from Amorim’s pass and ETO takes the lead. Then Amorim scores one, then Termány is successful from the other side. Görbicz scores a goal from a 7-meter throw, ETO leads by 2 in the 11th minute. After Grimsbö performs beautiful saves Orbán misses a shot and Szalai scores the 6th goal for the home team. Then Orbán manages to score a goal from a pass from Görbicz, then Groot is successful which makes the Kohász request a timeout. Cifra scores her first goal from pivot, then Amorim replies. The referees give a penalty to do to the home team because of internal defense. Kovács scores from 7-meter to Kiss Évi, then Görbicz loses the ball which the home team takes advantage of, then another counter attack from the opponent and the home team equalizes. Amorim scores to Csapó, then Amorim and Mörk score another goal followed by another one from Groot. Amorim performs a back throw then Termány does the same from the other side. Tóth scores her first goal too, then Termány replies, Tóth gets suspended so Ambros Martin requests a timeout. Kovács reduces the difference, then Mörk passes to Broch, who socres one, then Kovács comes with another goal which Amorim replies and the result is 14-17 at the end of the first half.

In the second half ETO starts the attack. Kendlikova scores the first goal of this half, then Kovács fights a 7-meter out and scores it too. Kendlikova comes and scores her second goal in a row. At the end of the 5th minute Tóth gets the ball and scores then Szalai replies. Grimsbö starts Kendlikova who is successful for the third time. Szalai scores again, then Mörk comes with goal from an immediate attack. Karnik reduces the difference with a back throw, then Tóth scores another one in the 10th minute. Broch is the next who scores, Győr is leading by 6, the opponent requests timeout. After the timeout Broch scores the 25th ETO goal, then Groot is successful which Termány replies. Amorim gets suspended and Kovács takes advantage of it. Grimsbö cannot get back to the net so Szalai scores another one to the home team in the 16th minute. After more unsuccessful attacks, Ambros Martin requests a timeout. After this, Termány scores a goal followed by Kendlikova’s reply from the left side. Szalai fights a penalty throw out, Kovács scores it. Tóth attacks alone and is successful in the 20th minute. Amorim’s shot was saved by the goalkeeper, but Kendlikova gets the ball and scores another one. Groot gets suspended, Kendlikova gets the ball and then pulled by Szalai who gets suspended afterwards. The 30th goal is scored by Amorim, then Mörk and Puhalák cooperates and Puhalák scores her first goal at the match. Tóth gets the ball net then Karnik reduces the difference in the 26th minute. 3 minutes before the end, the home team requests a timeout. Karnik socres another one after a long attack, for which Mörk replies immediately, no goal is scored after this, ETO wins 33-25.

Tóth Gabi: We had a great fight for victory, we performed better in the second part again. Our defense could be better, but if we help one another it can improve.

Ambros Martín: The difference is not real between the two teams, we are in a hard period now and despite this we could win, however we didn’t do our best. The defense was bad in the beginning, but our attacks were good. Our defense improved in the second half.