The first goal of the match is scored by Bódi from the side, and then Tóth increases the number. Kispest equalizes in the next four minutes. Bódi is pulled back during the attack sp Mörk can score from a 7-meter throw. Puhalák scores her first goal from an immediate attack. Then Tóth fights a 7-meter out, Mörk is successful again in the 7th minute, then Tóth scores the 6th goal for ETO. Then we get another 7-meter thanks to Tóth, which is shot by Mörk again, then Amorim scores another one. Tryzro scores the next goal for the away team. Puhalák scores again, then Kiss saves beautifully, Mörk scores the 10th goal and Kispest requests a timeout. Puhalák scores one from the side then from pivot position, she scores another one. Tryzro reduces the difference in the 17th minute, but Tóth replies. Petrovszki comes with another goal from the other side, then Fundák scores to empty net. Amorim scores another one, then Korsós gets the ball into the net. Kispest reduces again from pivot position 4 minutes before the end. Amorim scores her 3rd goal followed by Görbicz, Varga and Bódi, then Kosik scores one from the away team, Puhalák replies with her 5th goal 2 minutes before the end. Felss tries to score for one last time, but she fails, the result is 21-13.

Official number of spectators: 1733

The first attack of the second part is immediately successful for ETO by Orbán, then Schneider scores one from the other side. Groot increases the difference in the 4th minute. Mörk can shoot 7-meter throws 2 times in a row, then she scores from the court too. Kispest requests a timeout again. Varga comes with her first goal from pivot position. Groot takes the ball alone, then scores, Kiss performs some fantastic saves, including a 7-meter, then Orbán scores from the side. The goals are scores continuously, the result is 33-18 in the 18th minute. First Bárdi then Petrovszki reduces the difference. Tóth scores the 34th goal for ETO then Hársfalvi comes with another one. Orbán is successful again, then Petrovszki reduces again with a back throw, then Tóth scores her 6th goal after a beautiful body trick. Hársfalvi scores the next goal in the 24th minute, Kispest request their last timeout. Hudák scores her first goal, then Varga Emőke is successful, Pál Tamara increases the difference to 20, Then Pál Tamara scores 2 times and Hársfalvi once, the result is 44-21.

Ambros Martín: " “Congratulations to Kispest. It was our last Hungarian match before Christmas. We won and it’s great. The youth could play too, it is very important to give them opportunity to play, because it’s needed for their improvement.”

Béki Nagy Bertalan is not dissatisfied with the match “There are very few teams which can play against ETO. We wish a good performance at the CL.”

Puhalák Szidónia: “I feel that we more or less did what Ambros had expected us to do. However, we got one more goal, but we could win and I am happy.”

Schneider Éva: “Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with our performance, but I am not sad either because it is a great experience to play against a top team. Congratulations to Győr”