Official spectators number: 4125

Szilágyi Zoltán: „Congratulation to Győr for their performance today, and for Anita for her 2000th goal in the Hungarian League. We knew, that we weren't the probable winner of the match, so I missed from my team that they play loose. Despite this I am happy that we were able to show what we can do in the second half. We have other purposes than Győr, so we are working for them and I wish all the bests to Győr."

Szondi Zsófia: „We had nothing to loose, but we couldn't do what we wanted. We had some problems both in defence and in attack. "

Ambros Martín: „Congratulation to Vác, not only due to today's game but also because of their performance in the whole season so far. Our team is together after a long break, some of our players need also break in phisycal and mental meaning. I am happy that from week to week we have players who can return to the court, it is really important because of the preparation for the upcoming matches."

Görbicz Anita: „I did not know, that I am near to my 2000th goal in the Women's Hungarian League, but of course I am very proud. It was a really emotional moment for me.  I am happy because of our victory today, and I think we are on the good way, so we are already looking forward to play in the Champions League!"