ETO is preparing for the next season with a tough team. Six new players have signed contract with the team for the season 2018/2019. From the present team, three players have renewed their contracts which was due to be expired this year and three new players are coming next season. 


The managing board of ETO has put together a powerful team for the next season. They are planning a team based on national and international team members. Because of this, besides the three players who have renewed their contracts, three new members are arriving.

“I would like to thank the municipality of Győr, our main sponsor, the Audi Hungaria Zrt and the rest of our sponsors and of course our big fan base for making it possible for us to create a fantastic team for the next season. Our goal remains to keep our leading role in the national and international handball and to achieve the best possible results in the new season too. – said dr Bartha Csaba, president.

Tomori Zsuzsanna is going to continue to play in ETO, she signed her 1+1 year contract recently. “I’m very happy to be able to renew my contract again, I feel great in Győr. Both the club and the fans have supported me for the last three years full of injuries. I was hoping to get the opportunity to return all I got from them. My strength is coming back, but my best is far away now. Last year, I had been able to do my best by the FINAL4, this year I’m working hard to make this happen earlier.” said Tomori Zsuzsanna.

The goalkeeper of the national team, Kiss Éva, has also renewed her contract by one year, so she is going to stay one more season in Győr. “I’m very happy that I could agree with the club, I feel great here. I’m happy that they rely on me, as I can continue my career in one of the best teams of the world. The goals are similar, we would like to achieve the best possible results everywhere, and I would like to improve even more.” – said Kiss Éva.

The young left winger and sometimes pivot, Puhalák Szidónia also signed her 1+1 year contract. “Of course I’m very happy since every little child’s dream is to play in Győr. I would like to be a constant player here in ETO, this is my present goal and I would like to win everything with the team. I hope I can thank the trust with my best performance.” - said Puhalák Szidónia

Anja Althaus, who is going to retire from handball at the end of the season, is going to be substituted with Kari Brattset from Norway. The World Championship silver medalist Norwegian pivot has committed herself to ETO for 2+1 years. “I’m very happy to play with my team mates from the national team, it’s gonna be a great help to fit in. I’m looking forward to play in ETO. I’m very excited to play in Győr soon and I can also experience the support of the fans. It’s gonna be a dream come true that I will be able to play against teams that are the opponents of ETO. I have big plans and ambitions. Of course, I would like to be a champion with my team and I hope I can contribute to the success of the team.” – said Kari Brattset.

Veronica Kristiansen, the very experienced back from the Danish team, FC Midtjylland, has signed a contract for 3 years. Getting her is really important because she was contracted to her club in Denmark, so her right to play had to be bought from her present club. “ I’m very happy and proud to play in green-white in the next season. “ – said Veronica Kristiansen, and she also said she was looking forward to play in Győr. “There is an incredible atmosphere in Győr. I’m really looking forward to meet the fans, they seem very supportive, I would like to get to know them as soon as possible. We can achieve the goals we have set together. I would like to do my best, that is what I’m working for day by day, this is the motivation for me.” - said the Norwegian star.

A fresh World Champion handball player is going to join the team too. Amandine Leynaud is going to come to Győr from Macedonia for 1+1 year. “This club means a lot to me, since this is the best team of handball history. Every player would like to be here. This is a great opportunity in front of me to play in Győr. – said the French goalkeeper.

Videos of the announced players can be seen here: