According to the decision made by the Hungarian Handball Federation, the FINAL4 of the Török Bódog Women's Hungarian Cup is going to be held in the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena between March 31 and April 1.

ETO is going to start the Easter weekend with a derby, because they have got FTC-Rail Cargo as an opponent.

The timetable of the 2-day program:
March 31:
FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria – Győri Audi ETO KC
Siófok KC – Érd

Semi-finals: 13:00 és 15:15

April 1 ):
14:00 Bronze match
16:30 Final

Our fans will be informed about tickets as soon as HHF informs us.

Due to the date change, there will be changes in the championship schedule too.

We have already written about the changes in connection with the ETO-ÉRD match (March 14, 19:00) 

The Dunaújvárosi Kohász Kézilabda Akadémia – Győri Audi ETO KC is expected to be held on March 17.

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