ETO closed the week with a match against Vasas SC. The team played with a younger team, they could take the lead by the end of the first half (8-14) which they could keep until the end (18-26)

First half

ETO, as the away team, started the first half with Fodor, Hansen, Puhalák, Pál, Gonzalez and Bódi, the goalkeeper was Kiss.
The first goal of the match was scored by Fodor, then the opponent scored 2 times, then Fekete and Puhalák scored and a 5-minute silent period came broken by Bódi. ETO equalized and the home team requested time out. Hansen scored one, then Bódi, Fodor, Bódi again and Hansen. ETO took the lead by 5 goals. The opponent was working hard to catch up with the girls, but it was no use, goals were scored by both teams, but they couldn’t get even closer than 6. Another time request by Vasa in the 24th minute. The difference grew to 8, then 2 opponent goals decreased the difference to 6 again.
Half time result: 8-14

Second half

Groot joined the team in the second half and scored one immediately. No goals were scored fo a while, then Pados and Gonzalez broke the silence. Our team was working hard to keep the lead including Kiss who saved brilliantly as always. Since the second time began, the home team has scored 2 while ETO 7 goals (10-21). Vasas requested their 3rd time out 10 minutes before the end. The opponent still couldn’t come close.
Final result 18-26

Ambros Martín:“We wanted to win the match, it was our goal. We have been through a lot of matches and there are many serious ones ahead of us in the CL. We had a great match, our opponent played perfectly, congratulations”.

Kovács Péter: “Congratulations to Győr, we are through a fair match. I think there is not point in being dissatisfied with out result”