The titleholder Győri Audi ETO KC visited Dunaújváros in the 19th round of the Hungarian League. There was a big fight among the parties during the whole game, but at the end the girls in green and white managed to win and get two points.
Final result: 26-28


1st half
The team in green and white jersey started the match with the combination of Görbicz, Tomori, Broch, Oftedal, Groot, Bódi and Kiss.
The first goal was scored by the home team thanks to Micijevic, after it Tomori made the result to draw. Dombi, Groot and Görbicz scored their first goals too, so Győr was able to get the lead in the 6th minute (2-3). Dombi and Görbicz were successful again, Broch after scoring her first goal he got the first 2 minutes suspension of the match in the 11th minute. Dunaújváros was able to score 3 goals in a row by Klujber, Tomasevic and Monori (6-5). The guest team could lead their attack 6 to 5 because of the 2 minutes suspension of Klujber, the girls in green and white were able to turn the result to (6-8) when László György called his first timeout. It has always been changed who owned the lead, the biggest difference was made by Puhalák in favour of the guest team (9-12) 6 minutes before the end of the first half. Several goals has been scored by each team, but Győr was able to keep this advantage until the halftime break (11-14).
Halftime result: 11-14


2nd half
The second half started with the goals scored by Micijevic and Klujber which took the home team closer to ETO (13-14). There were some good news too from the guest side, because Amorim could return to the court after her injury.The goals of Oftedal, Broch, Micijevic, Bódi and Micijevic again modified the result to 15-17. In the 41st minute Klujber equalized and thanks to the goal of Molnár, DKKA got the lead again (19-18). Ambros Martín called a timeout and the neck to neck fight has been continued.Groot played brilliantly, she has not only scored goals by actions but also by 7m penalties. In the 48th minute it seemed that Monori got seriously injured, but the game and the big clash did not stop, moreover very exciting last minutes awaited the crowed. None of the parties gave up, Kiss made a very good job in the goal too and at the end of the match the final result was 26-28.
Final result: 26-28

Ambros Martín: „Congratulations to Dunaújváros, they played fantastic today. They have caused a lot of difficulties for us and they have been prepared very good in tactics. It was very important for us to win today, I think we showed that we wanted it. It was a big fight but we behaved brave, and in the most important moment Éva was on her place.”

Kiss Éva: „I am very happy because of this victory which wasn’t easy to reach at all.”

György László: „First of all I would like to congratulate to Győr for the victory. We knew that the odds were ont he side of the guest team but we have been prepared for this match and tried to move all of our energies. We could play without stakes, I think this has influenced our play – it was a very big fight. We wish good luck to Győr!

Klujber Katrin: „We played very good and we tried to do everything that our coach wanted to see from us. We made a lot of mistakes too, buti f we couldn’t have done them, the match would maybe end in another way.”