After winning in the semifinal against their biggest rival with 7m penalties, Győri Audi ETO KC had to face Érd in the Hungarian Cup final. There was a neck and neck fight between the parties in the first half of the game, but as we were slowly coming to the end fortune was on our side in the crucial moments. It has been a real teamwork how the girls in green and white were fighting together, and deservedly they could celebrate the 13th Hungarian Cup-winner title finally. It is a huge success without precedent in the history of hungarian women’s handball that a team could win the Hungarian Cup for the 13th time.
Final result: 27-23

Before the match the „Best women handball player of the year” award has been given to Anita Görbicz by the vice-president of the Hungarian Handball Federation, Katalin Pálinger. Congratulation to Anita for this honorable mention!

1st half
The girls in green and white have started the match with the combination of Puhalák, Görbicz, Broch, Groot, Bódi and Grimsbö.
Érd has started the game with 0-3 lead thanks to the goals scored by Kiss, Lassource and Krpez Slezak. The team of Győri Audi ETO KC has slowly woke up, the result was 5-5 starting the 15th minute, which has been remained draw until the last minute of the first half when Krpez Slezak has scored the 13th goal of her team after their timeout, so they could go to the dress room with 1 goal lead.
Halftime result: 12-13

2nd half
The first goal of the second half has been scored by Kiss in orange jersey but after that the goal machine has worked well on both sides. The line players have activated themselves too, Szabó and Broch has scored their first goals. Krpez Slezak successfully threw the 7m penalties of her team, Gonzalez could also found the gaps on the defence of Érd – at the end she has 4 goals besides her name. At this time of the match Győr has already 2 goals lead (21-19) which they could increase to 4 during the last 15 minutes, so the exciting game has ended with the victory of Győri Audi ETO KC.
Final result: 27-23

It means, that the winner of the Hungarian Cup in the 2017/2018 season is Győri Audi ETO KC!!!


Szabó Edina: „Congratulations to Győr for the victory and for the regainment of the cup. We thought that we have the chance to win the cup because we could play very good for a long period. It was a good match with fantastic atmosphere and we really wanted to win today, but we made some mistakes in the most important situations, so I am very sad because of losing this game. We are going to work and we believe in work, so we keep on working on our way.”

Janurik Kinga: „I would like to congratulate to Győr for the victory. We started the game as we planned before, and I think we could keep up with the CL-winner opponent team. I am happy about the fact that we were able to reach the FinalFour of the Hungarian Cup. Unfortunately we couldn’t reach our goal, to win the final, but I would like to say thank you to all of our fans who have participated in these two days and have supported us live.”

Ambros Martín: „First of all I would like to congratulate to my team and to our fans. This was not so easy for us especially after the last year when we lost the Cup that we have been possessing through 12 years. So we are very happy and satisfied now. We are through a fantastic weekend with fantastic teams and organizing, so I would like to say thank you for all members of the Organizing Team, they can be proud of them. I would like to congratulate of course to Érd, they have caused a lot of problems to us today. It was a big fight until the last minutes, we have injured players to which means more problems for us in order to work with the best combination of our players.”

Görbicz Anita: „I am very happy because of the regainment of the Hungarian Cup and I would like to say thank you to the Hungarian Handball Federation for this amazing weekend. Érd has made more mistakes at the end of the match, but they played really good against us. Thanks for our fans for supporting us, and I hope I can take part in a press conference here soon, but because of the WOMEN’s EHF FINAL4!”