The team of Győri Audi ETO KC had to face a lot of difficulties and injuries during the 2017/2018 season, but the bad luck was unfortunately on our side again when the young talented player, Sára Afentaler has been injured seriously on her ankle in the training camp of the hungarian youth national team. Besides her, her teammate in the green and white team, Éva Kiss has suffered from knee soreness which has to be examined as well. Both of them are expected to play again with full power at the end of the preparation period of the new season.

The hungarian youth national team has been working hard in order to perform as well as possible on the XXI. IHF Women’s Junior World Championship 2018 between the 1st and 14th of July in Debrecen. Unfortunately one of the trainings has ended painfully for Sára Afentaler when she has fallen down to a ball which caused her ankle ligament rupture. She was operated even on Friday by the team doctor dr. Péter Balogh, the expected time of rehabilitation is 8-10 weeks.

Éva Kiss, goalkeeper of the title-defender green and white team has suffered from recurrent pain in her knee during the season, so the team doctor decided to go after and operate her knee on 12th of June.  

We wish Sára and Évi a soon recovery and a good rest in the summer!