The team of Győri Audi ETO KC is going to start the season 2018/2019 with a new trainer squad and some new players, but the aims did not change – they still want to win every possible title. We will of course continue to pay attention not only to our talented young players but to our players who are playing on loan too.

The members of the green and white team are currently enjoying the well-deserved summer vacation in order to refill the energy storages for the start of the new season, already under the control of the new head coach, Gábor Danyi. As we have already mentioned in our previous article, there will be a new trainer squad working from 1st of July 2018 at the top of Győri Audi ETO KC – Gábor Danyi (head coach), Zdravko Zovko (assistant coach), Attila Kun (video analyst) and Zoltán Holanek (physical trainer).

We have already announced our newcomers – norwegian Kari Brattset from Vipers Kristiansand, norwegian Veronica Kristiansen from Midtjylland and french Amandine Leynaud from Vardar Skopje – in a short video previously, which you can watch here again:

We are already looking forward to welcome them in green and white jersey and wish them sport successes in Győr.

Dr. Csaba Bartha, president of Győri Audi ETO KC said – „we want to reach the maximum on all fronts in season 2018/2019 too. The three new players of our team are one and all big names in handball and play in key positions, so we are very happy to welcome them among us. We hope, they will be able to adapt themselves into the team and find their place, so as they will be able to contribute to the common successes as much as possible – we will ensure all the necessary conditions in order to reach our goals together.”

There are some of our players, who are playing on loan in other clubs – „we help them as much as possible to play in a club which is the most suitable for their individual development in order to get useful experience and game routine, and of course we are working on with full effort to bring them back later to Győri Audi ETO KC.” - said the president.

Players of Győri Audi ETO KC playing on loan in season 2018/2019:
Dorina Korsós (Tus Metzingen Handball)
Gabriella Tóth (Érd)
Júlia Hársfalvi (Tus Metzingen Handball)
Rita Lakatos (Byasen Handball Elite)
Boglárka Binó (Békéscsabai ENKSE)

Dr. Csaba Bartha about the policy of the club – „we consider the importance of the talented young player’s development, so we follow the everyday work of our young players. Last time we decided to sign a professional contract with Laura Kürthi, who has worked very hard during the previous seasons – she is member of the national team in her age category as well – and she was not the last we would like to motivate this way to work hard and reach the maximum. We provide all the neccessary facilities and conditions for them – it depends only on them from now on!”

The players of Győri Audi ETO KC in season 2018/2019: Afentaler Sára, Eduarda Amorim, Bódi Bernadett, Kari Brattset, Yvette Broch, Fodor Csenge, Görbicz Anita, Kari Aalvik Grimsbö, Nycke Groot, Anne Mette Hansen, Kiss Éva, Jana Knedlikova, Veronica Kristiansen, Amandine Leynaud, Nora Mörk, Stine Oftedal, Pál Tamara, Puhalák Szidónia, Tomori Zsuzsanna, Varga Emőke