The team of Győri Audi ETO KC faced DVSC SCHAEFFLER in the 3rd round of the Hungarian League during a home match in Audi Aréna Győr. The home team got a confident lead even in the first half of the game, special thank to Éva Kiss’s performance in the goal, which they could carry on to the second half as well and won the game by 11 goals in the end.
Final result: 34-23

Halftime result: 18-11

Final result: 34-23

Official attendance: 3261

Danyi Gábor: „We started the game very decisively as we wanted, and Éva Kiss’s role was really important to contribute to the team’s performance with good defense. It was a good game with good tempo, we still need to work on our defense of course, but the pace of attack was already right. Congratulation to Debrecen and we wish a successful season for them!”

Stine Oftedal: „We started the match well, Éva performed really good in the goal. We succeeded in things we agreed on before the match, we started confidently so it gave us a good impulse to work. We could win today against a very good opponent team.”

Pal Oldrup Jensen: „We knew, that we will face a strong opponent, so we wanted to show how we can struggle and we wanted to play a good game. Fortunately, we were able to do it in the main part of the match, even if Éva Kiss made it hard for us to do it that way we wanted. Our opponents were performing very well not just individually but as a team as well, but I think, we were fighting and struggling a lot, so I am satisfied on the whole.”

Arany Rebeka: „It wasn’t easy, but of course an honour to play here against the 4 times CL-winner Győri Audi ETO KC. Congratulation to them and I wish all the bests for them during the season!”