In the last round of the Hungarian League in September 2018 we played an away match against Dunaújvárosi KKA. The match between this two parties means always a big fight for victory, but finally the team in green and white jersey was able to win by 4 goals.
Final result: 24-28

Halftime result: 11-14

Final result: 24-28

The match can be watched here again:

Danyi Gábor: „Our aim was of course to win, this was why we came, but we played against a very good team, Dunaújváros. They were able to use their possibilities, it wasn’t an easy match, we made a lot of mistakes, but we are happy about the two points.”

Anne Mette Hansen: „The game was just as I expected earlier, we played against a very good team who is always dangerous at home, and they have shown it today. They made very long attacks, so we had to be patient in defence, but I think we got valuable two points today because we were fighting for them.”