Following the announcement of Yvette Broch in August 2018 to suspend his active handball career, the team of Győri Audi ETO KC was in a difficult situation because they were forced to kick off the 2018/2019 season with one line player, Kari Brattset.  The club immediately got to work and moved everything to achieve their goals with a highly qualified, primarily Hungarian player on this post. However, after the failure of this mission, the club looked around on the international market for solution and decided finally on signing a contract with the player of romanian national team and Paris 92, Crina Pintea.

„The Hungarian championship is considered to be the strongest in the world. This statement is manifested many times, in many places. Perhaps many people question whether it is true, but according to the criteria set by the EHF, this is true for sure. When it became clear to us that Yvette Broch can certainly not be counted with in the first half of the season (since we found out that we had to miss her during the whole season), we were thinking about replacing her immediately.” said dr. Csaba Bartha, president of Győri Audi ETO KC in a statement about the long-awaited question about the line player position.

„In today's fast handball, it is very important to have line players with high-skills in the team, and top clubs usually want to have two good players in this post. The previously for 2018/2019 season planned Broch-Brattset duo couldn’t come true unfortunately because of outsider reasons. All we could do was to get started to find potential players right away, but obviously at the beginning of the season it was not easy at all. Every teams had their own goals and didn’t want to let her players go. In addition to this, our young talented player Emőke Varga, has also been down for a long time due to her injury, so we could not count on her. We had to play the autumn part of the season with one line player, we had to set up constraint solutions with the help of our other players to provide relax for our one and only player.

By the end of autumn, it became clear that Broch will not enter the court during the whole season, or even ended her career. We looked at the market again and wanted to borrow a player especially from the world’s strongest championship, at least for the rest of the season. (Dunaújváros – Dombi Luca, Sirián Szederke, Budaörs – Pásztor Noémi, Debrecen – Tóvizi Petra – but their clubs didn’t let them go because of their own goals for this season.)

„We would like to give chance to young hungarian talents in our team, but their team didn’t let them go.

In Győr, the essential thing was before and is still now that we are struggling for the highest goals despite the problems of the season!

We can not undertake the great march beginning from January with only one line player, we need appropriate help for Kari Brattset so we had no choice but to look for a foreign player.

I think, after a long seeking we have found the best solution: Crina Pintea, player of the romanian national team and Paris 92, who also made a fantastic performance at the European Championship in France. " – said the president of the club and has officially announced the new player of Győri Audi ETO KC.

The 28 years old, 60 times romanian national team player, 192 cm tall line player, Crina Pintea is on the verge of her life’s big possibility, as she will be able soon to try her in the Hungarian Championships and show her abilities in the Champions League, the highest rated European club championship after having played in the Romanian, German and French championships and the EHF Cup.

"I am very happy to have the opportunity to spend the rest of the season in Győr - one of my biggest dreams has come true. I will work hard to contribute to the team's success as much as I can, and I hope I can help to achieve our common goals, " started her first statement in the colors of Győr after reaching the 4th place at the European Championships. "Of course, I am a bit tired because of the European Championship that has just ended, but I am already looking forward to join the team and play in the green and white jersey for the highest goals of women's handball" – said Crina Pintea after arriving to Győr.

Dr. Csaba Bartha, the club president, was satisfied with the performance of Crina Pintea on the European Championship - the player has been selected for the ALL STAR team, so she will certainly be a great help of Győri Audi ETO KC.

"Our club as a representative of the Hungarian handball can only have one goal in the Champions League – try to win the title again. This is the way how we can do the best for Hungarian handball.

In the hungarian championship and in the Hungarian Cup, while honoring our opponent, we continue to give our best in every game to defend our titles."
- reported on the goals of the 2018/2019 season dr. Csaba Bartha and declared the issue of the new settled contractor.

"As for the transfer of our new player, it is important to point out that the contract both with the club Paris 92 and with the player are classified as business secret. We do not want to share other details about buying a player or about her work contract.

We just want to clarify, that in the budget approved by the Club’s Presidency earlier for Yvette Broch we managed on the one hand to modify Yvette Broch’s contract in a correct way – according to which Yvette Broch is still our player. On the other hand, both the buy-out contract with Paris and the player's contract of employment do not mean that our budget has any additional financial burden on our club. "

We wish a good rest and refreshment for our new player, and of course great successes in green and white!