In the 5th round of the WOMEN’S EHF Champions League Main Round our team has faced her biggest hungarian rival, FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria on the first weekend of March. It was a balanced match between the parties similar to the match having played in Erd and the teams have reached a draw as a result – our team was able to defend her unbeaten position in Champions League.
Final result: 32-32

Halftime result: 15-13

Final result: 32-32

Official attendance: 5475

Danyi Gábor: „We certainly wanted to win today. Unfortunately, this match has brought this result at the end, we missed countless possibilities and 7 meters. I am really sorry that we couldn’t win at home, but there could be any complain about the tempo and speed of the game. I wish great success for Ferencváros!”

Crina Pintea: „I would like to congratulate to Ferencváros, they played really good today. But of course I would like to congratulate to my team, because we were struggling for the victory and we didn’t give up. We made a lot of small mistakes which influenced the final result of the match. I am sure that we are able to perform much more better and we will show it.”

Elek Gábor: „In my opinion it was a very interesting game today. I think, Fradi-Győr match is never without stakes, if someone’s thinking about it that way is doing it wrong. I am really proud of my team, because they own a huge faith and were able to fight. The match wasn’t about defence, both teams played today on a high speed level. In Érd had our opponent luck, this time we were lucky. We were playing a great game in a fantastic atmosphere. I wish good luck to ETO in the Champions League!”

Schatzl Nadine: „The last 10 minutes were very hectic, because at the time when we could have 2 goals benefit we made mistakes, and this was characteristic to the other team as well. Each team wanted to win, the tempo of the match was very high starting from the very first minute, this is why we made a lot of mistakes. I am happy because of gaining at least 1 point,”