Silver medalist at the London Olympics, European champion with her national team in the same year, four times Champions League-winner and she also has several first places in various national championships. We have seen her before in the green-white jersey in the 2013/14 season, when the girls of Győr made a 3/3 victory in each competition where the team took part in. Her goals have not changed for the 2019/2020 season, but it's definitely a special feeling to take on the green-and-white jersey again, says Katarina Bulatovic in a short interview.

Why did you choose handball at the very beginning of your career? What do you like in this sport?

Everything has started in the primary school, when me and some of my classmates were invited to play handball, because we were active during PE lessons. Before that I did not really know which kind of sport I would like to choose. This is how my handball career started.
In the beginning I was a bit lazy, I did not want to go to the trainings always, but at the age of 14-15 I took it more seriously, and of course I really liked to travel to play matches. I could meet and get to know a lot of people and I started enjoying to see outher countries, cultures. This is valid for my whole handball career so far, because I have spent some seasons in Denmark, Romania, Russia and of course in Montenegro.

Does have number 32 which you are wearing on your jersey any concrete meaning for you?

I have started playing with 23, but at the time I moved to Buducnost, this number was already reserved, so I changed it to 32. The reason why it has been created is, that 2 and 3 are my favourite numbers and I could not choose from them, that’s why I took them besides each other.

You are no longer unknown for the handball-loving fans in Győr, because you have already spent a season in green and white, and what is more, you have won CL with this team. Maybe you have already answered this question during the last few weeks, but how does it feel to come back?

It is a really big honour for me to be able to play here in Győr again, especially because I was thinking about finishing my active handball career recently. I can only repeat the words of Anja Althaus from the near past, that „if Győr calls you, you can not answer ’no’ to them”. It is a honour and a big opportunity to be here, and I really would like to win a CL-title again and of course in each competition we take part in.

How did you feel during the training camp in Balatonboglár? ( At the time of appearance of this interview the team is already spending her time in Porec training camp.)

I felt really good during the training camp, we have to face tough trainings physically during the preparation period, but fortunately we play more and more handball. I am really excited because of this adventure and I am really looking forward to play again and again in this hall.

Welcome here again and we wish you all the bests for this season, Katja!