By the time she was 25, she was already an Olympic champion, two times world champion and European champion in handball and a one-time Champions League-winner regarding her club success. However, she is not yet satisfied with the range of successes listed before, and she is still working hard to return from a successful rehabilitation following her knee injury and to do her best in green-white club colors. Her old dream has come true with the opportunity to wear the jersey of Győri Audi ETO KC and she is hoping, that the world famous green and white fans will support her as well.
Let’s meet Amanda Kurtovic!

Let's start at the very beginning… What did catch you in handball, why did you choose this sport?
I started playing handball at the age of 8-9, and it may sound strange, but at first I found it a bit boring, so I gave it up for a while. In the meantime, I was doing gymnastics, playing tennis, but all my friends and classmates played handball, so a year later I thought I'd try it again. From then on, I was really enjoying it, traveling to the matches, having fun with my friends, traveling a lot from tournament to tournament, which is a tradition in Scandinavia.
I have also a family-related connection to this sport, as my dad was a goalkeeper, so my brother and I spent a lot of time in his training, so it was pretty obvious that I would try this sport.

How do you feel here in Győr?
Everything is very new for me for the time being, because I haven't spent much time in the city due to the training camps, but everyone is very nice, so my first impressions are definitely positive. It's a bit difficult, of course, because I really want to be on the court with full steam and join my teammates, but I hope I can do that as soon as possible.
At first, I was a bit nervous, but this is probably normal because I am in a new environment - this initial period is always about finding a place in the team, getting to know everyone, talking to everyone, but I can only share my positive experiences.
Now I can work more and more with the team, get more out of everything, and hopefully soon, completely. So far we've been warming up together, but afterwards I've always stepped aside and continued with my own practice - it's a bit difficult, because the reason I'm here to play handball and I can't do it right now. The downside of professional sports is the injury I am aware of, but I hope I will return even stronger.

What features would describe you on the court?
I would say I try to play smart, which means I am usually not the one who jumps to the highest or is the fastest, but I try to use my strengths. I consider myself a technical and hardworking player - I never give up!

What are your aims with the team of Győr?
My personal goal is to be able to play100 percent again - this is the most important goal I have set for me right now.
With the team, I want to win everything I can - this team is wonderful and everything is given to reach what we want.

If I am right you already knew the green-white fans as an opponent, but now you can experience what it is like to be on the “other side”…
Based on my experience from the past, it has not always been a great feeling to play in this hall knowing that there are people behind the opponent team who are constantly cheering for their favorites. I can't wait to feel the atmosphere when I get on the court and if the applause is for me. The support of the fans means being an extra player on the court with us. Everyone knows that they are the best in the world, following the team everywhere - it's a unique thing.
I'm really looking forward to getting back on track and feeling like they are cheering for me - that would mean the world to me.