Our team started the 5th round of the DELO WOMEN'S EHF Champions League as a guest of the Swedish IK Sävehof. In the first half our goal-scoring machine started a bit slow, but in the end we got a seven-goal advantage. In the second leg our green and white team has further increased their lead and earnt their fifth victory in the Champions League group phase.
Final score: 27-36 (12-19)

First half: 12-19

Final result: 27-36

Gábor Danyi: "We wanted to play a good game here. The swedish team has proven in our Arena, that they are a really good team and I think, they are standing before a bright future. It was without question, that we were able to keep the match in our hands. Luckily I could give playing time for everyone, and we are after a fair match with good atmosphere. 
I wish good luck to Savehof for the upcoming matches!"