The head coach of Győri Audi ETO KC spends his daily life in his home in Győr. Unfortunately, Gábor Danyi's life is not filled with trainings these days, but he can't stay without a handball.

How are your days going? We know the girls got their homework, but what about the head coach?

There is no question that everyday sport is important to me, as it has never been before, that my daily workout can be missed. Whether or not I play sports is not dependent from the epidemic, nor on my current situation. I try to live according to an agenda - which used to be - which definitely has a place for sport. 

Is this about running?

Yeah, because you have restricted possibilities now to do some sports, so running is what is left for me. I run miles every day. I hope my players are just as hardworking as me… They know what I mean!

You always set goals for yourself. Is that the case with running too? Is running a marathon your goal once life is back to normal?

I believe we always have to set a serious goal for ourselves. This is also true in the present situation. It would probably be a lot for me to run a marathon, but I set some serious goals for myself. I'm still doing well, and our strength coach, Zoltán Holanek can also confirm that, because I always send him the performance.

How do you feel? What is your life like without your teamwork? Do you miss the girls?

Of course! We keep in touch with each other, we try to help each other, I think that's normal. Let's try to get through this period together by doing the best of our abilities. Everyone thinks the same, and we all miss sports, but at present we can do our best by keeping everyone at home.

And the matches? How much do you miss them? For example, are you watching older matches? Are you feeling nostalgic sometimes?

Of course I watch matches. But here the agenda is an important thing too, as I try not only to be in the world, but to live my daily routine in a planned way, where games have their place as well! I've watched a lot of handball games before, I've been trying to analyze the opponent teams's game, and there is no difference, I just had more time to do it, so I'm looking at more games. This has its benefits as well, as I am wondering how the team of Győri Audi ETO KC will benefit from what I have seen. I also analyze a lot of our own games and try to find points that will take us further in the future.

In these difficult times, positive thinking is really important. How does Gábor Danyi look to the future?

I wake up every morning so we are definitely one day closer to the end of the present situation and I always look ahead. I really hope we are all healthy over this period and I am looking forward to the time when we will be able to meet the team again in person and start training again. 

Do you have a message for the fans?

The most important thing now is for everyone to fulfil the basic hygiene rules and for those who do not have to go out to stay at home! Do not go into the community. If everyone strives to comply with this situation, everything will be fine sooner and we will see handball games sooner!