Unknown to all of us, this is a difficult time in the world right now, but life cannot stop, and our team is also trying to make the most out of the situation caused by the coronavirus. We talked to our strength coach, Zoltán Holanek, who gave us a brief insight into the aspects taken into account when preparing the players' individual training plans and the plans to work together again soon.

What are the exercises that make out an individual home training plan for players in this situation?

“The main goal is to keep their conditioning abilities up to date, so we prepared the training plan which consists of four main parts:
1. Own weight stabilization exercises, core exercises and prevention exercises (balance)
2. Dynamic exercises
3. Cardiovascular (respiratory-circulatory) maintenance and improvement exercises (running and high-intensity intervals, mini-interval exercise chains).
4. Practices for the maintenance of speed, explosive movement speed. "

What does the biggest challenge mean that team members are only able to prepare themselves individually?

“We hope that as soon as the epidemic situation is over effectively, everyone will be able to return to work together healthily, so that our goal is to keep our players in the best possible condition. In order to do that, we have to plan complexly, that means, every skills we have trained during the year we need to train now. Unfortunately, the creative decisions and tactics that characterize handball as a sport are now out of focus and we are also lacking in intensive strength training (heavy practice) during this period as the tools needed to do so are not available to our athletes. However, looking for the positive things in the current situation, we can say that there is now a great opportunity to develop mobilization, stabilization, which will help in prevention in the long run. Creativity also comes into play every day, as the girls complete the exercises themselves with nice, funny accomplishments and they send challenges to each other, which has a positive effect on the team spirit. I think, it is quite useful to spend this time for developing skills. It is true, that this is a new situation that everyone must accept, learn from and benefit from. We made a four-week plan that is focused on different abilities weekly, changing from week to week, making it harder. Next week, the girls will have to report back to us about the work they've done so far- we'll "organize" a small video home competition* to test the their abilities to plan for the next period. "

It is not a question that we all are really hoping that we will quickly overcome the danger of the coronavirus and that everything will be fine again. What will be the most important step you can take to keep your players in good physical shape to get them back on track as smoothly as possible?

“If that's the case, we need to look at the Hungarian Championship, the Hungarian Cup and the Champions League and put it in a single system. Planning is the most important, as it allows us to face the optimal state, that is, no one can be under- or over-trained, thus preventing injury. After the return of our players, the first step will be testing - we need to know where we are, then compare the values ​​we have with the results of the season, draw the necessary consistency and plan further based on them. Then comes work, work and work - which I think we've never been waiting so much for! ”

We wish all the bests to our strength coach, to the entire coaching staff and to all of our players to continue their good work and perseverance! Everyone,take care of yourself and #live home!

* Of course, we'll also share details of the home video competition on our social media platforms - it's worth keeping up with us!