We asked the young left wing player of Győri Audi ETO KC , Szidónia Puhalák, how she spends her days in the home-quarantine. We can find out reading this interview how does it look like when the spirit of the competition at home as serious as on the court is. 

How are you, where have you been lately?

I am with my family, spending most of my time with my siblings lately. I am doing everyday tasks, in addition to cooking and cleaning I also play a lot with Zoki, my dog, who is really surprised at how much time I can have with him now.

Do you follow the recommended protective measures?

I also bought a mask and gloves. I try to use them every time I leave home. Anyway, I washed my hands a lot and I took care of hygiene, these are much more true now. I don’t go away from home, but if I need to move out of my home for example to do the shopping I try to avoid meeting people as much as I can.

How do you cope with this special situation? How does a day go by as you spend your free time?

This situation is not easy for anyone, maybe even harder for an athlete. I think everyone suffers who can’t do their job, can’t do what they love. I'm not different with that. What I’m taking advantage of lately is that I have time to sleep, I love to sleep, so I don’t get up early. Anyway, training at home is part of my day. My dog ​​and I walk a lot. Playing cards, reading, sunbathing fills most of my day. We regularly spend our evenings taking out some board game or card.

What kind of games do you play?

I tried to solve a 1000 piece puzzle but I had no chance. We often play board games as well, but my favorite is a card game called Solo, it can be quite exciting. Winning this game is a huge prestige in my family. In a very good mood, we are fighting huge battles.

Do you keep in touch with the rest of the team?

Of course! We are like a big family, we normally see more each other than our family members, which has now turned around unfortunately, but we can contact each other via the internet, but that doesn’t stop us from knowing everything about each other on a daily basis either.

How about shutting down the tournament? What do you expect when life on the court can start again?

I feel like a good decision has been made. In this situation, we can’t risk our health, obviously I also wanted to play the tournament, as we were already after the most of it and that’s why we struggle for an entire season. But now we have to realize that there are more important aspects than that, that now the most important thing we can do is to stay home. I hope that this virus threat subsides as soon as possible so that we can be on the court for a long time and enjoy the matches and the love of the fans that we are trying to reciprocate towards them with our game.