Our club, Győri Audi ETO KC has had a successful negotiation with a key player in the recent period, so we are pleased to announce that our Norwegian class player, Veronica Kristiansen, will perform in green-and-white jersey for another three years.

Despite the vicious epidemic situation in the world, negotiations are in full swing to achieve the long-term goals of our club. Thus, club president Dr. Csaba Bartha can report another successful agreement to the fans of the sport in Győr.

“We are very satisfied with Veronica Kristiansen’s performance, she has become a key member of our team, a puller over the years, so there was no question for us for a minute that we wanted to continue working together. It is a special pleasure that our player was in a similar position to continue her career in Győr, she feels good here, which is also supported by her excellent performance.” - stated Dr. Csaba Bartha, President of Győri Audi ETO KC, who briefly covered the external conditions that hinder everyday work in all areas of life. "We are confident that as soon as the epidemic situation is over, everything can return to the old wheel and we can focus 100% on our goals, in which we intend to play a key role for Veronica - and we wish her success in the next three seasons!"

“I am very happy to be able to continue my sports career in Győr. In Győr, everything is given to achieve the highest level of performance, as we can do the training work under professional conditions, and the club helps us in everything so that we can focus on our task to the maximum. I am motivated, I want to achieve another big result in green and white - I am very glad that they are counting on me and I can know myself among the team members for the next three years as well!” -said Veronica Kristiansen.

We wish Veronica Kristiansen success in the upcoming three years!