There is another announcement regarding the team of the next season. The Board and President Csaba Bartha are committed to develop a team, which could achieves any goals. Noémi Háfra, who one of the greatest talent in Hungarian women's handball, has decided to accept the offer of Győri Audi ETO KC and continue her career here.  Nadine Schatzl  returns to her youth team, making sure that we can start next season with powerful left wingers.

Another serious news can be announced by our team. The junior World Champion and Hungarian Champion Noémi Háfra has long attracted the attention of the leaders of Győr. "We've been watching Noémi's game for years. It is clearly about that she is the greatest talent of Hungarian handball. She has made a lot of progress in recent years and I believe that she can become an even better player in Győr, which is in the interest not only of us, but also of the Hungarian National Team. I have said before that if there is a Hungarian player who represents the level of Győri Audi ETO KC, we will do our best to make sure that she can play in Győr. Noémi meets our expectations to the maximum, thus we signed a three-year contract," said President Csaba Bartha.

"It is clear that the stability and continuous effectiveness that characterises the city of Győr and the Győri Audi ETO are attractive for handball players. In my opinion, the signing of Noémi Háfra is a great decision, since one of the Hungarian handball players facing the brightest future has decided that she would like to continue her career in Győr. The Board remains committed to build a powerful, successful team in the future as well. I hope that together we will be able to celebrate bright successes in Győr." said Dr. Csaba András Dézsi, mayor of Győr.

"I appreciate to be in Győr from the summer. I know I'm going to be in a different situation at the Audi ETO from my current club, because the concept is different. But I can play for Győr Audi ETO KC next year because I have never been scared of challenges before. I am not afraid of competitive situations, and for sure, I would like to do everything I can to succeed together. I look forward to working together, but until the summer, I do everything for my current team," said Noémi Háfra.

Noémi Háfra is 22 years old, Junior World Champion. In 2015, she won a Hungarian Championship. She awarded the title of Junior Handball Player of the Year in Hungary in 2017 and 2018.She was also a member of the 2018 Junior World Cup All-Star team and the All-Star team of the 2018 Adult European Championship. She awarded The Best Young Player of the Champions League in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons.

We have already announced that Fodor Csenge has extended and it has been decided that she will have a postmate form the Hungarian National Team,  Nadine Schatzl . "Nada is the key to reliability. Year after year, she performance is sustained at the highest level, it was obvious that we were trying to bring her to Győr. She fits perfectly into the philosophy of our club, additionally she has become an adult player in Győr, so could say that she will return home next summer. I'm sure Nada and Csenge will solve the left wing position outstandingly. We have signed a long-term, 3-year contract." said President Csaba Bartha.

"It is appreciated for me and the Board that Schatzl Nadine is returning to Győr. She is not only a Hungarian player, but also has a history in Győr. I am proud that we start the next season with another former youth player of Győr. She could be exemplar for many young handball player in Győr." said Mayor Csaba András Dézsi, member of the club's Bureau.

"I have a lot of good memories for the city of Győr, I have gained a lot of experience here, I have learned the basics of handball in the ETO. I am happy to get back in Győr from next summer, and of course I come with serious goals: I want to win all competitions with the Audi ETO! I look forward to working together, but of course in the meantime I will do everything I can for the success of my current team." said  Nadine Schatzl .

 Nadine Schatzl  is 26 years old, she is a two-time Hungarian Champion with Győri Audi ETO KC in 2011 and 2012. He won the Hungarian Cup three times (2011,2012,2017). In 2019, she awarded The Best Hungarian Female Handball Player title.

Photos: Kovács Anikó