Győri Audi ETO KC is represented  in four national teams by their players in the Women’s EHF European Championship hosted in Denmark The Danish, Norwegian and French teams secured the qualification after their two group matches, with ETO classics in their line-up. The Hungarians still have a very difficult match against the Dutch. Our club's players are doing great for their national teams, and they have earned several Best Player of the Match awards.
We wish everyone a further success!

The Hungarian women's handball team in Group C of the European Championship showed two completely opposite faces in the first two rounds. They were able to make everyone forget the unexpected defeat to the Croatians in the second round with sensational form against the Serbs. The Hungarians' qualification will be decided in the third round ranking against the Dutch. If the victory is not achieved, we can only be sure of to be qualified if the Serbs lose to the Croatians.

We asked Viktoria Lukács and Dorottya Faluvégi how they saw the huge difference in the team's performance. Dorottya Faluvégi said "We watched the first match on video and we tried to learn from our mistakes. Our rest day was spent with tactical discussion, training and resting. We sat down with the girls, talked through how they felt about the game. We tried to put our heads together, leave the Croatian game behind and show a much more focused game. I think we won against the Serbs due to the teamwork and the very disciplined tactics."

Viktória Lukács mentioned that the definite offensive play and a stabile defence occurred to play a good game against the Serbs. "There were great individual performances in this game, while in the first match I felt some insecurity. Communication between the team and the coaches also worked better than the first match, which was one of the keys to success."

The Győri Audi ETO KC is involved in the Group A. The defending champion French and the host Danes included players from our club. Both national teams have already secured the qualification thanks to their first two winnings. The French won the first game in close match against Montenegro. ETO players Estelle Nze Minko scored one goal and Beatrice Edwige scored two, while Amandine Leynaud defends 5 goals. In the second round, the Slovenians were beaten confidently, Estelle Nze Minko scored seven goals, while Amandine Leynaud efficiency was 40 percent, which means eight defences.

The host Denmark won in the first round against Slovenia confidently. Our player, Anna Mette Hansen contributed to the success with 3goals on 3 shots. Their second match was close until the 35th minute and then they secured their place in the Main Round with a 9-0 period. Anna Mette Hansen scored three goals again.

Norway plays in the Group D. There was no question of victory against Poland in the first round. The ETO’s player, Veronica Kristiansen was awarded The Player of the Match. The Norwegians played their 100th European Championship match in the second round, against the German. There were no question about the victory, as well. In this case, The Player of the Match title has been awarded to our world class player, Stine Oftedal. The two wins means that if the Hungarian team is qualified to the Main Group, they will play against with Brattset’s team.

We wish for our players success and injury-free performance.


Women’s EHF European Championship
Preliminary Round standings after 2 round