Four of the national teams was included with eleven Győri Audi ETO KC players at the Women's Handball European Championships in Denmark. Four green-and-white were in the victorious Norwegians and four were in the silver medal-winning French. Two ETO players were chosen to the EC dream team. The Győri Audi ETO KC should be proud.

Congratulations to our players, we welcome them back!

The players of our club will return from the European Championship to Győr with eight medals. In the 8 times champion Norway Stine Oftedal, Veronica Kristiansen and Kari Brattset Dale were scored many goals and the brilliantly defended Silje Solberg was one the best in the final. In the French team Estelle Nze Minko was the play-maker, Beatrice Edwige successfully organised the defence and Amandine Leynaud and Laura Glauser were excellent in the goal during the tournament. In the fourth, host team Anne Mette Hansen introduced brilliant bombs. In the Hungarian national team, which reached the semi-finals, two of our wingers - Dorottya Faluvégi and Viktória Lukács - made good job to use their opportunities.

"We can be proud of our players, everyone did well at the European Championships, ours were key players in their national teams. I don't think there's another club this effective in terms of the European Championship. Estelle Nze Minko became the MVP and Stine Oftedal deserved to be best centreback. I congratulate all of them from the heart, and it is a special pleasure for me that everyone has been avoided by injury. After the Christmas celebration and rest, we are expecting everyone back in Győr, as the Hungarian League fights will continue later this year", said Club President Csaba Bartha.


European Champion: Norway

2. France

3. Croatia

4. Denmark

5. Russia

6. Netherlands

7. Germany

8. Montenegro

9. Spain


11. Sweden

12. Romania

13. Serbia

14. Poland

15. Czech Republic

16. Slovenia