Two members of the adult team can expect a permanent omission. Szidonia Puhalák has also been infected with the coronavirus, the left winger has produced almost all the symptoms and her recovery will take longer than expected. The club - under the supervision of specialists - put their finger on helping her to get back soon. The young talent Laura Kürthi will also have to skip the game for a while.

'Due to the COVID infection, additional examinations are needed to find out possible complications and for timing of her recovery. Her return cannot be predicted at this time, as it is known that complication may remain even after a mild to moderate infection. But even without it, the ability to regenerate can be significantly reduced and slowed down," said the doctor of the team, Dr. Péter Balogh about the condition of Szidónia Puhalák. "Young Laura Kürthi has not been hospitalized due to a sports injury and is expected to skip the sport for a while."

We wish you both get well and return as soon as possible.