Our team has come to an agreement with two national players.  Both of them are members of their national teams. They are going to contract for two-year with Győri Audi ETO KC. Jelena Despotovic comes from Debrecen, while Ryu Eun Hee, who is the best player in the South Korean national team will come from Busan to Rába Side from the summer.

The Győri Audi ETO KC team for the 2021/22 season is almost complete. For the next season, the club's management has formed a team of 17 players. From the summer of 2021, left-handed Ryu Eun Hee of South Korea will join our team.

"Our team for the next season will be complete soon," said President Csaba Bartha. "We have developed our team with similar principles in recent years to be able to achieve the highest goals. 17 players will be member of the first team. They're all adults, and actually all of them are key players of their national team. I am glad to report that we have reached an agreement with a great player, Ryu Eun Hee scoped for a long time, observed her game and progress in recent world competitions. She had played in Europe, in Paris 92, but she is currently playing in her nation’s championship. We have high expectations from her, I am glad that she is taking the next big step of her career in Győr by playing in the Champions League. After a long time, South Korean player will take part in the most prestigious championship," said Dr. Csaba Bartha.

"I appreciated the interest’s of Győri Audi ETO KC. Naturally I know the team’s achievements, this is the best club in the world. It's a big challenge for me to be able to play with the best players in the Champions League, but I don't have any fear, I would like to take the opportunity. There are great players in the team, I've played against them several times at national level. The South Korean championship is still going on, but I'm really looking forward to playing in Győr from the summer," Ryu Eun Hee said.

"Jelena Despotovic knows the domestic conditions well and we know her well, because she has been playing in Debrecen for years. With her we are strengthened by a tireless, combative, determined, versatile player. She can be used in all internal posts is it’s necessary. We also observed her performance at the 2020 European Championships in Denmark and she performed very well. During the negotiations she gave an impression of a professional athlete, not only a sympathetic player, but also a great fighter so I can announce that, like Ryu Eun Hee, we have signed a two-year contract with her" said Dr. Csaba Bartha.

"We didn't have to introduce ourselves because I knew Győri Audi ETO KC well, not only the club, but also the players, because we played against each other a lot. Obviously, if you get on offer from the best team in the world, you don't have to hesitate too much. After a great year in Debrecen, I accepted the offer of the Audi ETO in order to take another step forward in my career. I'm looking forward to working together from summer, but of course in the meantime I'll do everything I can for Loki in this season," said Jelena Despotovic.

The team for the season 2021/22