The FTC-Rail Cargo was hosted in the Audi Arena in the 10th round of the K&H Women’s Handball Leauge. At the biggest derby in the league the fighting was balanced for the first three quarters of the match, but with a great endgame, the Green and Whites form Győr made a confident victory with 6 goals.

Győri Audi ETO KC
Gábor Danyi: We made a great performance in the whole match. We couldn’t run as much we would like to due to the tough series and the missing ones. The great individual performances, especially in the goal was essential. I would like to congratulate to the Ferencváros! We have a lot of games ahead of us, but fortunately this matches take Hungarian handball forward.
Anne Mette Hansen: We knew that we had to expect a very difficult match and our opponent is in a very good shape, so we prepared to fight for 60 minutes. In the endgame, our defence played a key role in the victory.

FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria
Gábor Elek: First of all, congratulations to the ETO! In my view, in today's game our opponent was able to play a quality winger game, we missed that. In the endgame they broke up our attacking game. We made lots of mistakes and if we have great dreams of winning at the home of a team like this, we can't afford that.
Emily Bölk: I think we made a great job for 45 minutes, we fought bravely and defenced well. We would like to take our chances, but I sad for we cannot sustain the great game like in the begging, but overall it wasn't a bad match.