Győri Audi ETO KC team has been unbeaten in Champions League matches for more than three years. Behind the green-and-white’s record interesting numbers are hided.

50 games unbeaten in the Champions League! It is clearly a wonderful record not only in women's handball, but also in any other team sport. It's worth to stop and analysing little bit more that how many people’s unbelievable job takes to keep the team unbeaten at the highest level! Numbers follow from the results of the 50 matches, but never forget that how big courage, will and fight there are behind such a unique record!

The series began on the 5th of February, 2018 with a home victory against Nykobing, thus we have not beaten for more than 3 years, exactly 1099 days!

Our favourites have won 43 of the 50 matches with seven times drew.

Two coaches took part in the series, nine wins were won by Ambros Martín and Gabor Danyi has unbeaten 41 games (34 wins, 7 draws).

The team played against 17 opponents during that time, and none of them were able to win against us.

A draw was reached by Ferencváros, Brest, CSKA Moscow and Odense. Three times for Brest, twice for Fradi and once for Moscow and Odense.

We scored 1,604 goals in the 50-games and received 1,248, with a goal difference of +356.

The goal average was 32:25, so we won seven goals in games in average.

The team has played 3,010 minutes in 50 games, an additional 10 minutes extra time was played in the final against Vardar.

We scored 46 goals in one game against Banik Most, the fewest was 25 against Rostov, however it meant the club's fifth CL victory.

The Győr’s defence performed the best in the 50th game with only 15 received goals against Podravka.  They could scored only 17 goals in November 2018, while we kept Valcea under 20 goals twice.

The club's biggest goal-difference victory ever is in the 50 games, a 46:21 away victory against Banik Most, which was a 25-goaldiffernece success.

In addition to the seven draws, there were 5 one-goal, 3 two-goal, 1 three-goal and 2 four-goal successes.

With a difference of 5 to 10 goals, we won 20 games and won 12 games with 11 or more goals.

We have defeated 12 nations team: Danish (Nykobing, Odense), Slovenian (Krim), Romanian (Valcea, Bucharest), Montenegrin (Buducnost), Macedonian (Vardar), German (Thüringer, Dortmund), Croatian (Podravka), Norwegian (Vipers), Russian (Rostov), Swedish (Savehof), Czech (Most) French (Brest).

Although the big series are born to break once, we hope that in this weekend against CSKA Moscow we will not break our series and with victory we might celebrate the group leading.

Go ETO! Go Győr!