In the summer of 2021, a defining moment will come in the life of Győri Audi ETO KC and Hungarian women's handball. Anita Görbicz finishes her active player career. The exceptional player is not only a legend of the Győr and Hungarian handball, but also there are only few icons in the world like her. The player won’t be separated from the ETO family, as she is expected to play a new role in the club's management.

We don't want to say goodbye to Anita Görbicz, because it's far from the end of this season... But you can't just walk away from all the records that she keeps. She played only for Győri Audi ETO KC during her whole career. She has played the most games in the club's history, has the most goals scored at the club and holds countless Champions League records.

"Anita Görbicz is the legend of the modern handball is. She's a fan favourite, a role model for a lot of players, generations have grown up watching her play and she's also the epitome of club loyalty. Definitely The ATHLETE in Győr. Anita's career is unique and I am very confident that we can achieve more success together in this year. For sure, we are also prepared for the day when she will not wear the captain's armband and will no longer play as a player. There was no question for a second that Anita would continue her career at the club after the handball court. The club needs its legends and has the will to continue working in a new role. In the summer, a great player career ends, but at the same time we open a new chapter, Anita Görbicz joins the management of the club and continues to work as sports director of Győri Audi ETO KC for the success of the club. I'm sure that she'll be able to do that too!" said President Dr. Csaba Bartha

"I have decided earlier that this would be my last season as a player. I'm sure it's going to be strange to stop playing for good, but there's a time for everything. I owe a lot to the ETO. I had serious offers, but I could never imagine playing anywhere else. When it came to the end of my career, President Csaba Bartha said that there was no question that I was expected off the field, which I really appreciated on the one hand, on the other hand it was consistent with my ideas. This season I have had a little bit of a look at a new role, as a player and as a coach I have been counted in Győr. But I had to make a decision about which way to go from the summer. Regarding with the consultation with Mr President, we have agreed that I will work for the club as sports director from 1 July. This will be a new task for me, but I am not scared of the challenges, and I am very happy to continue to work for the Győri Audi ETO KC, even if it is no longer primarily about scoring goals. Naturally, right now I'm focused on the tasks of this season, because we would like to lead the team to victory with the girls on all fronts," Anita Görbicz said.