Vitality. That means our team's new water supplier, Vis Vitalis. Refreshing water is especially needed for team during this tough series, as there is a lot of work to be done. With this spring water which comes from Pannonhalma, the team strengthens its sponsorship with a new brand from the region of Győr.

"We appreciate to get an agreement with a premium water brand from this area. The team consumes a significant amount of liquids every week, every month, and of course it is important for us that also the quality of water would be adequate, thus, we would like to provide the best to the squad. Vis Vitalis is an emerging premium brand that continues to provide us with high quality water for the team. We have agreed for this season, but I am very confident that our cooperation will continue from the summer," said President dr. Csaba Bartha.

"Pannonhalma is a diverse community, like the world itself. One of the main missions of the Archabbay of Pannonhalma is to build communities. Communities that arches centuries and regions, with monks, guests, civilian staff and thousands of students. Believers and non-believers, pilgrims and gastroturists, connoisseur and art lovers, young and old, are welcome. The very contemporary, life-aggrading and open Benedictine spirituality is the driving force behind all this. All of the products, events of the Archabbay of Pannonhalma are represent this message. This includes everything from art festivals and organ concerts to contemporary art exhibitions to water to wine. Vis Vitalis, the mineral water of the Archabbay, is also a living part of community value creation. Last year we supported the talent show Virtuosos, and from this year we can also be proud to be the official sponsor of Győri Audi ETO KC and to contribute to further success with our high quality natural mineral waters," said Archabbot T. Cyrillic Hortobágyi.

"We are particularly pleased to be supporting a unique internationally successful team. Another link between us is that Győr and Pannonhalma share common roots, because we belong to the same region," added István Polony, managing director of Vis Vitalis.

The spring, which Vis Vitalis originates, is located in Ravazd, near St. Martin's Hill in Pannonhalma. The spring is also related to a legend according to tradition, King Béla IV, who fled the Tatars,. stopped here to rest for a drink from the spring. Vis Vitalis natural mineral water is orginates from a groundwater aquifer at a depth of 106 meters from a water base about 17,500 years old, which is crystal clear due to its closed water base and their age.

Vis Vitalis delivers the 0.4 litre bottle to Győri Audi ETO KC. The unique form of the product, which is also a trademark, cannot be confused with any other mineral water. The exterior, of which the cap is an integral part, combines the shape of water jugs and early spritzer’s bottles.